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Ethical codes in Yoga System – YAMAS

Ethical codes in Yoga System Patanjali yoga begins by prescribing an ethical code designed to calm one’s relationship with oneself and others. 5 Yamas replace imperfection with virtues and together make up a code of social and moral laws that regulates one’s relationship with others. 

Get most out of Yoga in three steps

Get most out of Yoga in three steps How To Get Most Out Of Yoga In Three Steps? There can be various reasons for choosing Yoga but the motive is same. No matter if you are considering Yoga as an instrument for physical fitness or

Guidelines for deepening MEDITATION – A

Guidelines for deepening Meditation Practice – 1 Regularity of time is very important for meditation. So, practice meditation regularly and at the same time as it certainly helps deepen the meditation process. Meditate at the same place. Don’t change your location of the practice as

Guidelines for deepening meditation -B

T. B. C. Always wear loose and comfortable clothes for meditation, so that your body feels comfortable and your legs are able to fold easily. Wearing tight clothes will simply cause restrictions to your breath and this will not let you sit longer. Meditate after

Hatha Yoga to Builds immunity

“Hatha Yoga to Builds immunity” What is Hatha Yoga Means? The literal meaning of Hatha is basically, union of sun and moon energy. “HA” represents the sun energy and “THA” represents the moon energy. So, the literal meaning of “HATHA YOGA” is the union of

Hatha Yogic code of conducts

You must be wondering that Hatha Yoga never talks about any code of conducts. Yamas and Niyamas, as code of conducts were first described by Patanjali . It is also true that that, Hatha Yogic texts was not inspired by Patanjali Yoga Sutra. But, it

Health Benefits Of Forward Bending Postures

Health Benefits Of Forward Bending Postures What is Uttanasana or Forward Bending Posture? Uttanasana stands for forward bending posture in Yoga. Uttanasana is a Sanskrit word derived from three words ‘ut’, ‘tan’, and ‘asana’ meaning ‘ intense’, ‘stretch’, and ‘pose’ respectively. This is highly advantageous

Importance of proper breathing in yoga

The most important aspect of life is our BREATH. The author of Hatha Yoga Pradipika (text book on hatha yoga) clearly describes in his traditional text; “as the breath moves, as the mind moves. Hence it is very clear that, our breathing patterns are directly

Improves Digestion for Halasana (Plow Pose)

How To Do The Halasana Lie flat on your back, with your arms placed beside your body and your palms facing downwards. Inhale, and lift your feet off the ground using your abdominal muscles. Try to lift your leg up-to 90 degree from the floor. Breathe normally

Know How Yoga, A Good Way To Treat Back Pain

Know How Yoga, A Good Way To Treat Back Pain Back Pain is one of the common reasons that everyone complains for. This leads to visit to the doctor several times. First you must know that back is made of ligaments, muscles, and vertebrae. Spine