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About Us

about rishikesh yoga prakash

Welcome to RISHIKESH YOGA PRAKASH, which literally means “LIGHT OF YOGA” or “LIGHT ON YOGA”. We need the light of yoga because we are living in the darkness of ignorance, which is the major cause of all our sufferings (physical, mental and emotional).

Modern days technological advanced yet competitive environment causes stress and gives rise to psychosomatic disorders. Chasing materialistic comfort whereas living a mechanical and robotic life is causing devastating miseries and pain for humanity. Hence, there is a need to find the balance between materialistic desires and development of holistic well being.

In the western world the ancient tradition of yoga is very well recognized as a path of holistic living and alternative form of Medicine. By integrating ones physical, mental and spiritual component yoga is scientifically proven to enhance healthy body with happy mind in order to cultivate calmness and overall wellbeing.

At Rishikesh Yoga Prakash we are committed to impart the traditional and ancient knowledge of yoga to create a deeper sense of awareness for mind, body and soul. Our philosophy is SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAH (may there be peace and happiness everywhere). Our objective is to create a yoga community with healthy body and happy mind, ultimately directing towards global peace and harmony among ALL.

We also believe that yoga includes ALL and exclude NONE. So if you are a beginner level student or quite an advance and regular in your yoga practice, your quest for knowledge is fulfilled here. Our numerous yoga programs such as Yoga Teachers training, Yoga for beginners, Yoga workshops and Yoga Retreats are great source of knowledge and perfect ways to deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga.

Our Yoga school is accredited as a Registered Yoga School (RYS 200 ) (Registry ID: 158758). All of our programs are guided and supervised by our internationally experienced teaching faculty. Our thorough syllabus covers the History, Tradition and different paths of Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Human and Yoga Anatomy, Teaching Methodology, teaching skills and business aspect of yoga along with focusing on spiritual property of yoga to deepen your own practice and total growth.

The curriculum of our certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses meets and exceeds the international standards. Our 25 days intensive but enjoyable and enlightening Yoga teachers training program offers an authentic and traditional teachings of yoga combined with modern tools and techniques required for a successful yoga teachers in modern days. Participants who complete our Yoga Teachers Training course will receive Yoga Teacher Certification from the RISHIKESH YOGA PRAKASH, which qualify them to register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) at the 200- hour level.

Message From the Founder

Yogi Prakash Bist

Founder Of Rishikesh Yoga Prakash

Why and How I started my Yoga Journey?

Before enrolling yourself to the course of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh – India, I would like to share a brief of “why and how” I started my yoga journey.

Dear Readers, My yoga journey started at the point in my life when I was questioning the purpose of living. I was not happy and my poor health caused me a deep sense of dissatisfaction in life. I asked myself, “Why am I alive?”, “Why are we born?”, “What is the purpose of life?”, “Is pain a part of life and do we all have to go through pain?”, “Can I be forever happy?”

To seek answers, I turned to India’s oldest yoga institute known as “Kaivalya dhama”, a school where scientific learning is being taught. I gradually learned that the practice of yoga is basically all about living life with enhanced awareness, which allows me to live in the present.

To me, yoga also gives inner strength to be calm with a feeling of satisfaction towards every aspect of life. It keeps me healthy and it helps to stop the unnecessary inner chatter, which otherwise goes on without our control; this is the ultimate cause of stress and further stress related disorders.

So later on i enroll my self for 200 hour yoga teacher training course in India to become a perfect yoga teacher then i started teaching yoga since 2001, because it basically gives more meaning in life, rather than just living with no aim. When I see relaxed and happy faces after each class, when I see people expressing their inner feelings how yoga has changed their lives, it just gives me a feeling of inner satisfaction. After having taught over 4000 students, I truly can say, yoga teaching is soul satisfying.

As a yoga practitioner for over 18 years, my message is very simple: “Life is not all about doing extra ordinary things, it’s rather doing simple things, but extraordinary well. Yoga is something that everyone can do, and we shouldn’t make yoga complicated so that it can reach millions of people; to those who are seeking the true path/happiness in their life”.