Yes you can join Yoga course even if you have never ever attempted before. Students must acquire 90% attendance for successful course completion. In case of short attendance, you may need to go for private Yoga classes dependent on availability of students and teacher. There is no guarantee for private yoga classes. Moreover, private yoga classes demand extra charges.

The training program is not based on any qualification or experience of student. You should be enthusiastic to learn Yoga. People from various parts of the world join training with us. The most important thing is that student must have potentiality to understand what is being taught and know the value of Yoga. You are not restricted to join Yoga Teacher Training irrespective of age, color, age, religion, and relation. If student is experienced or have attained some prior academic qualification in Yoga then this will help a lot in the long run. The course targets to let students know the correct postures for each asana. The training program consisted of working on the areas such as philosophy, classroom administration, anatomy, and other spiritual arena.

Our Yoga Teacher Training program aims at including all areas of Yoga. Our motive is to include all the principles and basics of the Yogic science into our program. We would like to go deep into every style and tradition of Yoga in order to include all the varieties. Our way of teaching includes both theoretical as well as practical approach. We want an improvement in you spiritually, mentally and physically.

Answer: Since, English is an international language so we prefer using it during entire Yoga Teacher Training program. However, those who are not well versed with English language can also achieve all the benefits from this program, as Yoga has nothing to do with language; it is connected to mind, soul, and body.

Once the course is successfully over, you will be awarded with government approved Yoga Alliance and internationally accepted certificate. This award is the proof that you are an authorized Yoga teacher. This helps you to run your Yoga training school in any part of the globe. If you wish to sharpen your skills then you can work as volunteer. As Yoga is worldwide famous now thus, you can definitely become a Yoga teacher after course gets over.

Rishikesh Yoga Prakash facilities you with the entire required study material regarding Yoga teacher training program. We have good selections of yoga books and so there is hardly any need to worry about availability of study material for Yoga Teacher Training program. We offer you all such things in our premises. You need to carry pen and notebook for writing notes.

It is important to know that Yoga Teacher Training program is for short time duration thus each class is crucial to attend. This help to develop better Yoga skills. A single day missed will definitely affect the course. Besides this, 99% attendance is must.

Yoga for overweight people is like for beginners. You will feel little uncomfortable in the initial stage but with continuity, you find easy to follow the postures. Usually, Hot yoga is suggested to those who wanted to shed off lots of weight.

Of course yes. Yoga during pregnancy will be very helpful for Smooth pregnancy to be a smooth process, especially if you have been doing yoga even before pregnancy too. You need guidance of an expert yoga teacher during your yoga practice in pregnancy. Few postures and specific breathing techniques need to be avoided. There are some yoga postures, which need to be avoided during pregnancy. If you are regular hot yoga practitioner and you are diagnosed by doctor that you are pregnant then ensure that your yoga teacher know in about this.

Yes, Yoga is the best alternate for losing those extra kgs from body. In fact, you will get tone muscles and lose centimeters if you practice Yoga regularly say 3 to 6 times per week.

The options in this regard are as follows: Domestic Flight: Flights from New Delhi International Airport to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. The distance between local airport and Rishikesh is just 25 Kilometers so you can say its one of  the best option.

Local Taxi: Hire a taxi from Delhi International Airport straight to our destination. The distance is approximately 250 Kilometers completes in 5-6 hours. This is an expensive option but convenient at the same time. There is proviso at our end for arranging your further travel from Delhi to Rishikesh. This will cost $200 for round trip and $100 for single way. The price will decrease if you share the ride with someone else. Second best option

Government Buses: You can take government bus from Delhi (ISBT Bus station) to Rishikesh/Haridwar (Bus Stand). This is the cheapest option you can go for. It costs Rs 500 from Delhi to Rishikesh. It takes around 6 to 8 hours approximately. Travel via bus might be uncomfortable for those who are sick and those who are travelling very first time. Once bus drop you at Rishikesh bus station, take a transport for us as we stay in Ram Jhula and many travelling modes available there which are quick and comfortable both.

Government Train: You can cover the distance via from Delhi to Haridwar via train as well. It is the journey of 5-7 hours and fare varies from Rs 500 to 1200. After reaching Haridwar, hire a taxi or else we have arrangement for Taxi. Make sure for informing us in advance. The distance from Haridwar to Rishikesh is approximately 20 Kms.

Every month, thousands of tourists visit Rishikesh and many of them travel all alone. The culture in Rishikesh is guest oriented and we believe in “ATHITI DEVO BHAVAH”, which literally means; our guest is our God. People are helpful everywhere in the city and being a small town, it is hardly a chance to come across any sort of route-connected hurdles. You won’t feel like losing the way at any point and if any such incident happens, then local people are always there to co-operative you. Thus, keep your worries aside. We always suggest keeping advanced bookings of your taxi/train/flight etc.

You are required to avail visa in order to attend training or course from us. There is tourist visa for this purpose or to begin training from us. We won’t provide you any invitation letter, as you need to apply the tourist visa to fulfill the purpose travel.

While applying for visa, ensure for not mentioning the purpose of travel such as Yoga visa or Yoga course as ‘Yoga visa’ don’t exist. You will get attain study on Yoga or yoga visa by registration for the course.

You need to apply for visa around a month prior to the departure. Your visa will be considered valid as from the issue day. For most of the countries, a basic tourist visa will let you get the visa, which is valid for the period of six months. Ensure to check with Indian embassy in your country.

If you want to stay in Delhi before reaching Rishikesh, then ensure for informing us in advance. As per the rules and regulations, you need to reach at our premises a day before the start of the course for orientation. For instance: if your teacher training starting date is September 17, then you should reach by September 16, latest by 7-8 PM.

While departure, ensure to be the part of graduation ceremony, which takes place on last day of course and will complete by 9 pm. Your stay for this night will again be free stay. If the end date of our teacher training is September 17, it means graduation ceremony will complete by 9 PM and you should book your flights for September 18.

Answer: Things provided by us are below:

  • Room with en-suite bathroom.
  • Filtered water for drinking at anytime.
  • Three vegetarian meals per day.
  • Yoga manual for teacher training students.
  • Yoga mat (for indoor purpose only)
  • Pens and Notebook.
  • NetIQ pot for cleansing

Answer: Below things are not provided by us:

  • Laundry services. Students wash clothes by hands. Otherwise, we Can direct you some other mode.
  • We fail to provide you toilet paper roll but you will be assisted of Buying it which costs Rs 25-25 per roll.
  • We do not provide any sort of drinks or food other than sattvic Food. If you wish you could visit restaurants situated just few minutes away from our premises.

For winter season: If you are visiting Rishikesh in winters then bring extra layers along with you. Go for tank top/T-shirt to heavy woolen jumper. You will get food in the cafeteria which is located outdoors. You will be provided warm indoors stay. Ensure for carrying yoga socks with you to be away from severe chilling.

For spring season : For this season too layers are needed but not as many as compared to winters. Hood T-shirts, long trousers, skirt are more than enough and suitable for springs in Rishikesh. During evening Yoga practice, the yoga hall will be warm by the end of March thus make sure for packing the light yoga gear and go for layers again.

For summer season: Cotton clothes are well suited for summer season. Be away from Synthetic fabrics. In Yoga hall, wear spaghetti tops/ tank tops and ¾ length leg lowers. While moving in the town, it is apt to wear scarf and dress that covers the knees. You are not permitted to swim in Ganga in bathing suite as Indian sentiments are attached to it, thus it is suggested to pack something that doesn’t not look awkward after you are soaked in Holy River.

For Monsoon season: Monsoon is humid in Rishikesh, thus footwear such as shoes are more than perfect. You can consider wearing flip-flops too. For avoiding rain, pack umbrella and raincoat in your luggage.