Basic Philosophy of Natural Healing

Basic Philosophy of Natural Healing

August 12, 2019

Basic Philosophy of Natural Healing

Our environment is the biggest factor influencing our health. It revolves like a spiral where we hold a position in the centre. Environment is the nature’s biggest gift consisted of solar system, air, water, soil, energy, and living beings. This environment also includes geographic region, climatic conditions, our country, the work place, social environment, and last but not the least home. We think and act in this environment only. Our thoughts and actions appeared from this environment which also includes daily food. Thoughts and actions are termed as lifestyle today which we choose ourselves.

Animal diet and its effects:

Food is the main source that affects our actions and thoughts. The environment and lifestyle are both combined together for creating the present health state. If they are in proper balance then we experience good health. On the contrary if the proportion is not accurate then it we get trapped into sickness. Therefore, natural healing is completely based on the principle of balance as well as change. If you combine yoga in your life then this balance will shower healthy results. Change is basic form of life which is why we can change from sickness to health is proper diet and yoga added to daily routine Clearly, modern day animal products are not good for health. To resolve the matter, move to other direction and switch to plant based diet by discarding animal diet.

Plant diet and its effects:

Plant based diet is recommended as compared to animal diet. However, some plant foods are costly and at the same time others are affordable. Plant food is determined by the climatic origin such as extreme or moderate. Foods like chocolate, sugar, spices, tropical foods, coffee, nightshade vegetables etc produced in tropical zones. The heat in tropics produce prolonged growth and above that the food is created under expansive force because of high speed of earth’s rotation. Thus foods generated in tropics are extreme as compared to those produced in temperate zones. Foods produced in temperate zone are exposed to colder temperatures which makes them balanced. The foods like beans, fruits, vegetables etc are from temperate zones.

Food-Real Essence behind healthy life:

Food is meant to enhance us rather than heal or regenerate. For healing from health troubles, yoga is the best remedy. Our daily diet is the main cause behind our lifestyle. Our daily diet reflects the priorities as well as ways to look into society. Make sure to bring change in diet because this change will balance life and serve as the change in lifestyle. When lifestyle pattern, healthy eating habits and environment are brought into alignment, natural harmony can be assured attained. If regular Yoga is added to life then it would like icing on the cake. In order to learn Yoga and right eating pattern, Rishikesh Yoga Prakash plays a pivotal role.

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