Direct effect of Pranayama on body and mind

Direct effect of Pranayama on body and mind

August 12, 2019

Direct effect of Pranayama

Pranayama has direct effect on both body and mind. First of all, Pranayama improves overall well being and gives longevity. Therefore one gets clear mind in order to make decision in daily life as well. It is very good practice for a person who is just looking to have a good health as well as a person who walks on the spiritual path of enlightenment.

Pranayama extend the life spam by extending our breath. Breathing rate (the time of one breath) is directly connected to longevity. The grown tortoise takes about 3 breaths in one breath and lives up to 150 – 300 years. On the opposite side, dog takes about 30 breaths in one minute and lives up to 15 years. So, the slower we breathe, the longer we can live. In advance stages of pranayama, the yogi is simply trying to reduce the number of breath in order to extend the life.

Healthy Heart

Lower rate of breathing also lowers the heart beat and so very useful in keeping your heart healthy. In simple terms, the heart needs to work less in order to pump the blood to various parts of the body. Professional athletes usually have 60-65 heart rate/minute, while average human can have 72-100 of heart rate/minute. Lower heart rate simply means efficient cardiac system.

Better Concentration

Pranayama prepares the mind for the sate of concentration and meditation. It brings calmness to the wondering mind. It is been very useful in preventing as well as cure of many stress related & psychosomatic disorders such as hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, diabetes, heart burn etc.

Better Lungs Capicity

Regular practice of pranayama is certainly very useful in order to improve our lungs capacity. During normal breathing process we only use 10 – 15 % of our lungs capacity, but with pranayama one can improve this capacity up to 80 % and above. As we begin to improve our lungs capacity, we begin to bring more oxygen to our blood. This brings more supply of oxygen to each and every part of our body.

Emotional Balance

It is said that breath is directly interlinked with our emotions. In anger, we breathe very fast and rapid. When we are sad or depressed, we tend to have a long pause after exhalation. So our breath get affected in different stages of our emotions like anger, depression etc. With pranayama, as the aspirant gains a conscious control over breath, we start to gain a conscious control over our emotions and various mental patterns of our mind, resulting in a state of balance/controlled emotional health.

Peace and Love

Yogi Prakash