Bow Pose for weight loss and bloated stomach

Bow Pose for weight loss and bloated stomach

August 12, 2019

Bow Pose for Weight Loss

Bloated stomach and indigestion are very common problems these days. These days we do not pay much attention to our food habits. If not taken care, bloated stomach can cause indigestion, gastric problems, heart burn, arthritis, inflammation of joints , etc. Yoga offers a very simple and effective remedy against bloated stomach and indigestion. In Hatha Yoga tradition “DHANURASANA (BOW POSE) is a wonderful practice from therapeutic view point.

How to practice BOW POSE:

  • Lie down flat on your stomach. Keep your chin or forehead on the yoga mat. Let the arms rest by the side of the body and legs together.
  • To begin the pose, bend your knees and bring your heels towards your buttocks. Its ideal for beginners to keep the legs hips width apart. Note: Advanced practitioner can try this pose with knees and feet together. Keep big toes connected.
  • Reach your arms towards your ankles hold them firmly. With a gentle inhalation, begin to pull your heels away from the hips and lift your chin & chest. Stretch the body to a comfortable stretch and hold the pose.
  • Keep your eyes closed at the final position and maintain breath awareness.
  • If you have sciatica or slip disk, it is recommended to take advice from your yoga teacher. Do not bend your elbows in bow pose as it will put unnecessary pressure towards your shoulders and neck. Patients who suffer with peptic ulcer, appendicitis, colitis, any heart related issues, please practice the pose under and expert’s supervision. Pregnant women should not practice this pose

Benefits of Bow Pose:

  • Bow pose provides maximum stretch on the abdomen area.
  • This posture can really help in loosing unnecessary and unwanted belly fat.
  • Bow pose tones and strengthen the abdomen muscles and it gives wonderful relief if you often feel bloated and indigestion.
  • Therapeutically, bow pose provides gentle massage to our liver & kidneys.
  • By stimulating our pancreas gland it helps balancing sugar level in our body & thus prevents Diabetes.
  • Bow pose is very helpful for those who have poor sitting/standing posture.
  • Bow pose improves the flexibility of the spine and opens chest area. If you always sit in front of computer for longer hours, you will find this pose extremely beneficial.


Yogi Prakash