Connection of physical body with Prana

Connection of physical body with Prana

August 12, 2019

The PRANA that permeates the physical body is intelligent life force. The electricity that illuminates the light bulb does not create the bulb. But the electricity or life force in the united human sperm and ovum cells guides the embryonic and subsequent development of the entire human body. Manifesting as the aforementioned five life forces of astral body, it is an intelligent or consciously directed force.

It is not wise to give credit to yourself permanently any defect of your body. Suppose you have lost an arm in this life, and you keep thinking about it. The thought of that loss becomes so impinged on your consciousness that you think you can never again have the use of that arm. When you are reborn the next time, you bring with you that consciousness of a missing arm. And if that negative thought is strong enough it may inhibit the creative action of the intelligent life force that grows the arms of your new body. You should therefore never identify yourself with the flaws of your physical form. They do not belong to you, for you are the pure, perfect image of God – the soul.

There is very important point to understand here. Before we took on this physical body, we were nothing but just a ghost. When we will die, we will again become ghost. And, wee are also ghosts when we sleep. During sleeping state, we are totally unaware of our body position. We don’t even know if, we are male of female, young or old, rich or poor. We don’t even remember our names, when are in sleep mode.

The only difference is that when we enter the astral world at death, we cannot create at will a physical body like the one we have now. Only great yogis who have attained oneness with the divine can do so. Spiritually advanced souls can condense the subtle vibrations of the astral vehicle into a tangible body.

Yogi Prakash