Guidelines for deepening MEDITATION – A

Guidelines for deepening MEDITATION – A

August 11, 2019

Guidelines for deepening Meditation Practice – 1

  1. Regularity of time is very important for meditation. So, practice meditation regularly and at the same time as it certainly helps deepen the meditation process.
  2. Meditate at the same place. Don’t change your location of the practice as each location has different vibrations and changing the place of meditation might disturb your meditation.
  3. It is better to meditate in a separate room (better to make it dark, so that you have less distractions). But, if it is not possible, you could choose one corner and screen off a portion of the room.
  4. The place/room of meditation should be proper ventilated, neither too hot, nor too cold & at the same time it should be kept clean. So don’t put your shoes, dustbin or other dirty objects near to your meditation area. Meditation is a spiritual practice, so it should be practice in a clean atmosphere. You can use some soothing incense as it may help to relax the mind. You can also place any religious photo of your teacher in your meditation room.
  5. Never meditate on bed. You might fall asleep rather meditating. Always sit on the solid and even floor. Use a blanket, Yoga mat or a pillow underneath you.
  6. Switch off all of electronic equipment like mobiles, alarm clocks and other noisy distractions during the time of meditation.
  7. The best time to meditate is early morning 4 to 6 am. This time, the mind is clear, refreshed and free of worldly concerns. So, it can be molded easily, concentration will come without effort.
  8. If, morning time is not suitable, you can choose the evening time as well. But, don’t meditate after taking meal, it make the breath shallow and gives a feeling of heaviness to the body, which produce sleep. Practice meditation before meal or 4 hours gap after the meal.


Yogi Prakash