The Three types of Sickness

The Three types of Sickness

August 11, 2019

The Three types of Sickness:

Three types of illness can be described from yogic perspective; physical, mental & spiritual. Physical illness or disease is the very first type. One common cause of physical illness is accumulation of toxins inside the body. Although, one can fall sick due to infections and accidents also. This toxin can cause various types of physical problems. In the modern age, human beings are suffering with plenty of disorders such as diabetes, cancer, heart problems, asthma, thyroid and so on. We hear new and new type of diseases are being born everyday. It seems humanity is suffering and there is no end of this suffering.

MENTAL SICKNESS is another common type of illness. The common cause of this illness can be anger, fear, jealousy, tendency to worry, ego, fear. An affected person with these mental patterns, can suffer with emotional issues. And these emotional issues are the primary cause of imbalance in the body. Due to these emotional issues one can loose mind and body co-ordination.

SPIRITUAL SICKNESS is the last type of illness and it may seem a bit funny to describe this illness. Yogic philosophy describes the common cause of this illness and that is “AVIDHYA” or  “IGNORANCE”. For example; thinking this body will last forever is one type of ignorance. Pranayama and Meditation can help one to remove mental pattern of ignorance. It is often said; once you eliminate ignorance, you can be free from all other type of disorders, as physical and mental.

Now, it is almost impossible to kill all types of disorders with the power of wealth. We think of our materialistic development as a part of our growth, but it is not the truth. The permanent cure from physical, mental and spiritual disorder is to choose the path of RAJA YOGA, the royal path. A yogi, who truly follows the royal path, do not get affected with such disorders.

Yogi Prakash