Various Types of Yoga Traditions

Various Types of Yoga Traditions

August 11, 2019

Karma Yoga/ Yoga of Selfless Service: 

This path of yoga is also known as selfless service towards all the living beings. A sincere practitioner of Karma Yoga surrenders the fruits of all actions by not thinking of their own personal needs. This path is also known as a supplement path of Raja Yoga. Practice of Karma Yoga is said to be very useful preparation for silent meditation.

Bhakti Yoga / The Path of Devotions & Prayers: 

In this path, the aspirant surrenders all the emotions to God. A practitioner of bhakti yoga surrenders himself/herself towards god through kirtan, satsang, and prayers &, chanting, japa or certain ritualistic workshop (Bhagwat Katha), which also includes listening to the stories of great saints as well. This path of self-realization aims towards Moksha (highest state of yoga) A dedicated aspirant of Bhakti Yoga will eventually come to experience god as the embodiment of love.

Jyana Yoga / Yoga is Wisdom: 

This is also known as Yoga of knowledge. This system of yoga is also known as an intellectual approach towards self-realization. Through deep study of books (scriptures & philosophy), the aspirant is able to experience his/his true nature. This path of yoga is said to be the direct yet the most challenging path of yoga

Raja Yoga/ Royal Path: 

Raja Yoga is also known as Astanga Yoga. This system of yoga is a very systematic & progressive approach to channelize the mental modifications. Royal path is very systematical and scientific path towards self realisation.

Hatha Yoga: 

Hatha yoga is very much misunderstood in the western culture. People think of Hatha Yoga as a form of exercise. But, in reality Hatha Yoga is not a form of exercise. Hatha Yoga involves Asanas, Pranayama in order to achieve better health. Further hatha yogic cleansing process and meditation helps to achieve even better health of body and mind. Once better health is obtained, the body can become a tool for spirituality.

Yogi Prakash