Role of meditation in day to day life?

Role of meditation in day to day life?

August 11, 2019

Meditation is the 7th limb of RAJA YOGA system of Maharashi Patanjali, which simply means total awareness. It is certainly not a religious practice, it is rather a complete science of mind and it’s modifications. Meditation is basically a methods to connect you to your real self. In our traditional texts, there are many techniques to meditate and all techniques leading towards the goal of total bliss or the state of superconscious mind. The philosophy of Raja Yoga is basically written on mind and it’s functions.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to reduce stress and anxiety. In modern time, stress and anxiety is the root cause of all psychosomatic disorders. Psychosomatic disorder basically originate in the mind and affect the body. Hypertension, High Cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and insomnia etc are psychosomatic disorders. Various scientific studies have proven that, during meditation the brain waves are in Alpha state. Alpha state allows the mind to become very calm and quiet.

Regular practice of meditation is very helpful in preventing and coping with all psychosomatic disorders. Not only this, but meditation also helps in managing anger, depression and various negative emotions. It also works positively in increasing creativity and finding emotional stability. Meditation simply increases one’s energy level by strengthening the Prana. Few studies have shown the positive effect of meditation on slowing down the aging process by reducing the free radicals (as a process of metabolism) and thus help in slowing down the aging process.

To enjoy the benefit of meditation, it is important to practice it on regular basis. Sincere practice of meditation is like a seed becoming the tree with it’s many branches such as healing, stress reduction, anger management, mental clarity, calm and positive mindset, prevention from psychosomatic disorders, knowing yourself (experiencing the truth) and ultimately it allows you to live a healthy and fulfilled life.


Yogi Prakash