Yoga and Mental Attitude

Yoga and Mental Attitude

August 11, 2019

Yoga is an art of life. The practice of yoga allows one to live a healthy, happy and well-balanced life. Health is not just physical aspect and so, one should not think of physical fitness as total health. Mental health is very important aspect of our life.

Most of the world is full of various types of mental attitudes. People are sick with jealousy, anger,hatred, obsession of physical beauty and so on. Usually, people are victims of their old habits and their old stubborn emotional mind. It is up-to you to make you home peaceful and the best remedy is “SELF ANALYSIS”. A yoga practitioner should spend some time in doing self-analysis.

Our body does reflect our emotions and so do our mind. We should learn to relax more and be calm at all the time. This is the key to happiness. We should bear in mind, however, that it is not wise to disregard the body wholly. One should eat proper food in preference to wrong foods. And if you must live with people who make you nervous, then one in a while you should change your surroundings. But it is better still if you can change your mental environment. So you won’t be disturbed by actions done by others. Change yourself and you can then live anywhere in peace and happiness.

You may have a different type of ego or wired personality. You should make conscious efforts to do a self-analysis in order to find your true nature. One may have a mortal ego or a patriotic ego or an artistic ego or possibility an ego of a businessman. If morality is your ideal, live uprightly and express your goodwill to all. That is real morality. It is pride that makes self-righteous persons so ready to judge those about them who are weak. True morality in includes compassion for others in their ignorant wrongdoings.

Those who are products of the material ego suffer much and needlessly. Such persons should learn self-control; otherwise they are just like pieces of matter in action. They can sleep only in a particular type of bed.

If you are a cross between an intellectual and a materialistic ego, that is better. But unless you develop and maintain a balanced nature – intellectually, materially and spiritually – you are going to be happy. Your spiritual intuition tells you how to be control your life, so that you are not mastered by it. It is unwise to let the materialistic ego govern your judgment; your conscience and intuition should decide.


Yogi Prakash