Yogic Treatment of Nervousness – Part 1

Yogic Treatment of Nervousness – Part 1

July 28, 2019

Cause of nervousness

One of the major cause of nervousness is gossip or talk bad about others, rather being busy in transforming yourself. If you get a quarrel with your friends of family members, it is best to talk a walk and cool off before you speak to them. Best is to remain quiet until the temper has cooled down. We often blame other things for making you nervous, but never accuse yourself. Yet it is you who make yourself nervous. Restlessness, emotional excitement, concentrates too much energy in the nerves so that they begin to wear out. This is how, the adverse effect of the nervousness begin to show.

In order to last our nerves lifetime, god has made our nerves very tough. It is very important to give proper care to our nervous system. We should never overload our nervous system and find alternative solutions to keep it healthy. There are basically 2 systems of nerves in our body. The central nervous system, that consists brain, medulla and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system connects the nerve centres to different organs of the body and it carries energy to them. The basic function of nervous system is to send sensations to the brain.

Will Meditation help? 

Meditation is the best proven method to release the tension from our overloaded nerves. It rejuvenates our nervous system and provides a deep rest to our nervous system. The common cause of nervous disorders is basically an over active or over thinking mind. It is very important to examine yourself and find our the cause of your nervousness. When you get angry, you send tremendous volt of energy to the brain and heart. Emotions such as fear and anger can overload the nerves and cause the body to malfunction, which can even cause stopping the heart and causing death.

Self study is an integral and most important component of yoga practice. In the philosophy of “Patanjali Yoga sutra” self analysis is an integral part of the yoga practice.