Hatha Yoga to Builds immunity

Hatha Yoga to Builds immunity

August 11, 2019

“Hatha Yoga to Builds immunity”

What is Hatha Yoga Means?

The literal meaning of Hatha is basically, union of sun and moon energy. “HA” represents the sun energy and “THA” represents the moon energy. So, the literal meaning of “HATHA YOGA” is the union of Sun and Moon, the male and female energy. Basically Hatha Yoga is all about bringing union of two opposite forces, in order to balance and bring harmony.  Hatha Yoga is basically an approach towards integrating the solar and the lunar energies of the body in our physical practices. Understanding Hatha yoga, as a physical branch of yoga is a very common misconception. It is rather an effort to integrate the solar and lunar energy of the body.

The author of Hatha Yoga, “Swatamaram Suri” has divided the hatha yoga in total 4 chapters. The very first chapter is Asanas or physical postures. The second chapter is Pranayama or the breath holding techniques. The third chapter is about energy locks and gestures (Mudras and Bhandas). After pranayama, the last chapter is “nadanusandhana”. Nadanusandhana basically can be understood Meditation.

Hatha Yoga to build immunity:

Hatha yoga can be very effective in boosting immunity. The changes of falling sick goes very high, when the weather changes. For example; in india, people usually gets sick when the weather changes from hot to cold or cold to hot. The body drops down the immunity and we start to get cough and cold. Antibiotics and other medicines can certainly be very beneficial, but these medications basically weaken our immunity. Hatha Yoga becomes an effective tool in building immunity by working on physical, mental and emotional level.

The entire system of Hatha yoga is designed to work with each and every  aspect of health. Postures helps release physical tension from the body. Yoga postures also helps to exercise internal organs and so improving the functions of entire body systems. Breathing and Pranayama helps release excess toxins from the body. Pranayama works calming down the mind by reducing the impact of thoughts. Few particular cleansing process helps us become more alkaline. Nasal Wash helps clear sinus and allows us to breathe better. Meditation is proven effective tool for reducing stress and anxiety.

Yogi Prakash