Navasana to Improve Core Strength

Navasana to Improve Core Strength

August 11, 2019

Navasana literally means “THE BOAT POSE”. In this yoga posture, the entire body looks like a boat. Other name of this posture can be as “PURNA NAVASANA” OR “PARI-PURNA NAVASANA”. In sanskrit the word “PARIPURNA” or “PURNA” literally means “FULL/COMPLETE”.The student is required to balance the entire body on the sitting bone. The legs and spine are raised to 45 degree form the floor.

How to Practice Navasana:

  • You can practice Navasana either from sitting positing or lying on the back position. The technique described below is about; Navasana from Sitting Position.
  • To start from a seated position: Sit in Dhandasana, while keeping your arms either raised upward towards the sky or resting beside hips. Arms resting by the side of the body is easier variation, although you might try raising your arms towards the sky as well.
  • Now begin to lean back towards the floor gently.
  • As your lean back, start to bend your both knees and slowly lift your legs off the floor. Make sure your lower back doesn’t touches the floor.
  • Try to raise your heels roughly 30 or 45 degree off the floor if possible. You can keep your knees bent or if possible straighten your legs.
  • As your legs feels stable with the legs, begin to straighten your back (do not arch).
  • Now, start to point your fingertips towards the tip of your toes.
  • Be stable at the final position and try to hold the pose for 30-45 seconds,

Benefits of NAVASANA: 

  • Navasana is extremely helpful in order to tone the abdomen muscles. These muscles do provide protections to our internal organs.
  • It can also help to loose extra fat on stomach and regular practice of this pose can also help to improve digestion.
  • Navasana is a great pose that works with improving balance.
  • It stimulates the small and large intestines as well as kidneys.

Extra Precautions for NAVASANA:

  • Women should avoid the practice of this posture during pregnancy and menses.
  • If you have gone through any recent surgery in your stomach or lower back, please avoid it also.
  • If you fee pain on your lower back, please keep the knees bend.
  • It is difficult to balance in the beginner due to lack of core strength, but avoid forcing yourself.
  • Protect your neck by looking forward, never look up towards the sky.
  • Avoid the practice if you are not feeling well or having fever.


Yogi Prakash