Role of twisting postures in yoga

Role of twisting postures in yoga

August 11, 2019

Yoga is a form of discipline that has its own vocabulary or what you may call “lingo”, which is commonly used in yoga sessions. And, there is one such phrase called Yoga Twists. Someone who has really experienced a lot of digestive issues in can better understand how beneficial twisting postures can be. Believe or not, but with these twists you can derive a lot of health benefits. Here we are giving you top five reasons why twisting yoga postures can help improve your quality of life:

  1. Improved Digestion SystemWith Yoga Twists you can definitely improve your digestive system. Let’s understand how! When you twist your digestive organs, you are basically compressing all digestive organs. As you release the twisting posture, there will be a fresh blood supply towards those organs. This flow of fresh blood can equal both fresh oxygen and the presence of nutrients in your body. Twisting will thus not only lead to an increased flow of blood to your digestive organs, but will also improve their functionality.
  1. Regulated Spinal RotationTissues and muscles that envelop the spine can become stiff over a period of time. As a result of which you may experience reduced motions, pain and uneasiness that can seriously impact your quality of life. However, you can avoid this situation by practicing twisting yoga postures that will help in keeping your spinal muscles flexible and your body active.
  1. DetoxTwisting will cut off supply of blood from your digestive organs and allow fresh blood to flow to your abdominal organs when the twist is released. This renewal of fresh blood can help cleanse your cells. Because with a boost in circulation there will also be a boost in cellular detoxification. In addition, any stagnant impurities or gas will also pass through your digestive tract because of compression that results from twisting.
  1. Way to De-Stress: The best way to handle anxiety or stress is through yoga twists. Twisting postures will release tension from your chest, shoulders and upper back muscles. This helps to release the feelings of anxiety and tension around chest area . As a result you will feel more calm and relaxed from within. The flow of energy is better and the level of your concentration is better. Overall you will feel a sense of inner wellbeing.
  1. Back-ache ReductionDo you keep sitting in front of computers for long hours? Do you have to put up with poor back support of your chair? Twisting postures will certainly help you to release tension from your spine. As a result you experience free movements of your spine and no discomfort in your back.

To Conclude

However, this is not all and there is much to it. Amidst our bust schedule and constant efforts to balance both our personal and professional lives, we tend to miss out on our health. While medication and counseling do help to a certain extent; it is not wise and advisable to always depend on medication to combat anxiety and stress. This is where Yoga works as a great therapeutic treatment.

Yogi Prakash