Yoga For Elderly People

Yoga For Elderly People

August 11, 2019

Yoga is the most effective way to lead a healthy lifestyle for people of all age groups. When we are young, we like leading a carefree life, often neglecting the physical and mental needs of our body. Gradually as the age increases, we find ourselves burdened with various responsibilities of life. During that span of time, we do not realize that we are avoiding health to some extent. In order to fulfill the needs of our loved ones, we face stress, depression, and anxiety like situations almost daily at workplace.

We increase our needs financially and the vicious circle of life ends up taking a toll on our body. By the time our body reaches the age of 55 or above, the problems, which looked minuscule earlier becomes gigantic and it leads to various ailments with regards to heart, obesity, blood sugar, kidney problems, etc. Yoga can be helpful for those, who are worried about ailments and also for old people, who are plagued by ailments.

Add years to your life via Yoga with simple yoga postures as below:

  • Joint and Glands movements (Bhrama Mudra is highly recommended)
  • Standing poses such as Triangle Pose or Trikonasana (apply modified variations)
  • Standing side stretches like Ardha-Kati-Chakrasana.
  • Sitting Yoga Poses such as Butterfly Pose, Cat stretch and spinal stretch in Child pose is highly suggested
  • Yoga Poses where a person need to lie on the back or stomach is beneficial. Baby Cobra or Low Cobra is an excellent posture for stretching the lower back. Locust pose is also helpful in strengthening the spinal muscles.
  • Wind reliving pose and Yoga nidra is an essential asanas amongst all. As the age increases, it becomes significant to incorporate the asanas into your life.
  • Alternate nostril breathing is wonderful to balance the yin and yang energy in the body. By doing this breathing practice on the daily basis, one can attain high benefits and start feeling comfortable after few minutes.

Rishikesh Yoga Prakash holds especial classes for elderly people. Experienced and well trained yoga teachers do provide personalised training.

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