Yoga Has Countless Health Benefits

Yoga Has Countless Health Benefits

August 11, 2019

At the very beginning stage, practice of yoga basically enhances one’s awareness on physical & mental level which further allow us to understand our body and mind in a better/deeper way. We begin to realise the root cause of unnecessary tension in our body. We also begin to realise the unwanted stress that we carry with us. So, basically yoga does total development of personality, by working on all different aspect of human being.

Physical Level

Postures provides systematic stretching to different parts of our body, which helps to release deeper tension from our muscles. The immediate experience of released muscular tension gives the sense of lightness & joy in our body. For example – twisting postures done with combination of forward and backward bend are great way to release unnecessary tension from our spine, which if not taken care well can become root cause of back pain and slip disk. Yin postures can help release tension from out joints by providing deep stretching to our ligaments & tendons. As a result our joints get better range of motion and we get rid of unnecessary build up of lactic acid in our body, which is the root cause of painful & sore muscles.

Blood circulation

Yoga has been found very effective in improving blood circulation. Sun salutation is a great way to improve blood circulation. Various other type of yoga postures provide a very gentle massage to our internal organs and glands. As a result of massage the internal organ gets better blood supply. Proper blood flow is the key to improve/enhance the function of that particular organ. Wind elimination posture is a wonderful way to massage the abdomen organs. This posture helps improve our digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Internal Health Benefits

inverted postures help bring better blood supply towards all those organs & muscles located above the heart. In normal condition we usually get less blood supply towards these organs, due to gravity. Our eyes, ears, brain, important glands (thyroid, pituitary & pineal gland) gets rich supply of blood. Due to better blood supply, these organs & glands gets nourished by the regular practice of inverted postures. These postures also provide deep tissue massage to our facial muscles. Due to this deep massage we prevent unnecessary wrinkles and thus bringing a gentle glow on our face.

Yogi Prakash