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5 Yoga poses to lose belly fat

5 Yoga poses to lose belly fat Belly is the area with no bones and thus fat gets easily accumulated here. It is not easy to get rid of belly fat. Though there are many promising products in market guarantee for giving best possible effects

All-round Benefits Of Sun Salutation

All around benefits of Sun Salutation Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar formed out of 12 different postures. Due to extremely useful benefits of this specific Yoga, people are eager to know the real benefits hidden in performing it. Though, it is advised to perform on

Basic Philosophy of Natural Healing

Basic Philosophy of Natural Healing Our environment is the biggest factor influencing our health. It revolves like a spiral where we hold a position in the centre. Environment is the nature’s biggest gift consisted of solar system, air, water, soil, energy, and living beings. This

Benefits of Meditation to Brain

Benefits of Meditation to Brain Lots of heard about Yoga. One of the important things that Yoga teaches is to meditate correctly. Even Science believes in the power of meditation and benefits of meditation to brain in removing stress. Thus it is rightly said, ‘There

Best time to practice yoga

Best Time to Practicing Yoga To live a healthy and fulfilled life, it is must to develop a disciplined home yoga practice. We all know that, yoga helps bring good health, happiness and peace in mind. Yoga also brings and further spreads positivity in the external environment.

Bow Pose for weight loss and bloated stomach

Bow Pose for Weight Loss Bloated stomach and indigestion are very common problems these days. These days we do not pay much attention to our food habits. If not taken care, bloated stomach can cause indigestion, gastric problems, heart burn, arthritis, inflammation of joints , etc. Yoga

Classification of Yoga Postures

Classification of Yoga Postures Yoga Postures has always been an important discussion in yogic culture. Some yoga schools classify yoga postures as STANDING, SITTING, LYING ON BACK & LYING ON STOMACH. While some classify as: FORWAD BENDING, BACKWARD BENDING, TWISTING, INVERSIONS, EXTENSIONS & BALANCING. Here,

Connection of physical body with Prana

The PRANA that permeates the physical body is intelligent life force. The electricity that illuminates the light bulb does not create the bulb. But the electricity or life force in the united human sperm and ovum cells guides the embryonic and subsequent development of the

Direct effect of Pranayama on body and mind

Direct effect of Pranayama Pranayama has direct effect on both body and mind. First of all, Pranayama improves overall well being and gives longevity. Therefore one gets clear mind in order to make decision in daily life as well. It is very good practice for a person

Do you experience stiffness in your spine?

Stiffness of spine This is a very common issues in the modern days life style. Especially the time we get up in the morning. The common reason for these problems is lack of awareness towards maintaining a correct posture. Other reasons as sitting long hours